Extra Productions


IMPROV-7  (2011 – present)
Class Clowns (2007- 2009)

  • Children’s Summer Workshop Productions

Character Witness  (6/2006)
Table Eight Needs Butter  (6/2007)
Some Of Summer  (6/2008)
How the West Was Lost (6/2009)
How the West Was Lost (7/2009)
The House (6/2010)
Little Red-Riding Hood – The Whole Story (7/2010)
Cinderella – The Whole Story (6/2011)

  • Independent Production Companies 

June With Judy (2006 Edition)  (Uncle Wayne Production) (6/2006)
June with Judy (2007 Edition)  (Uncle Wayne Production) (6/2007)
Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead  (Ampbersand Production) (10/2010)
Prelude To A Kiss (Dane Rhodes Production) (6/2011)
[title of show]  (Marc Belloni Production) (7/2011)
Open Mic Night  (Ampersand Productions) (1/2012)

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